About the plans for “STAGE RACE SANRIKU 311”

updated 29/5/2020

This year, March 11th. As we approached the 9 year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, us here at the non-profit organization, Discover-Rias, announced our plans to hold “Stage Race Sanriku 311 (SRS311)” in the summer of 2021 and the pre-event in late August of this year. However, after these announcements, the coronavirus spread much faster than expected. In recent times, things have started to calm down and the state of emergency declaration was rescinded, but there is still a possibility that the virus could once again spread and have prolonged effects.

During this time we have examined the current situation and decided to proceed with plans, including holding SRS311, as stated below.

    1. The “Pre-Event” planned for August of 2020 will be canceled due to the coronavirus.
    2. “SRS311” (main event) planned for 2021 will be carefully judged based on the current state of the corona virus cases and the state of the community at that time. Including options such as shortening of the course or reduction of the scale of the event, we will do what we can and aim to make holding SRS311 possible. Furthermore, even if it takes time we hope to continue holding the event in its “complete form” someday in the future.
    3. As well as the preparation for “SRS311”, we will discover the charm of the abundant nature and culture of Sanriku and transmit it to not only Japan, but the entire world.

We cannot hold the Pre-Event, but we aim to hold the main event next year and continue with preparatory activities, such as course selection and trial runs, when possible. In addition, we decided to recruit “Supporting members” of the non-profit organization, who understand and support such activities. We may also ask for help with preparations for the event. For detailed information and procedures, those who are already signed up to receive the newsletter will be notified at a later date.

The coronavirus is continuing to have a damaging impact throughout the world. We send our condolences to those who have lost their lives, and pray that those who are continuing to fight this illness recover quickly. In addition, we are very thankful for everyone contributing their services in the medical field.
From here on the world is on a new path towards revival. In these times, we hope that holding this project in Sanriku will help to make the community much lively again. Our expectations and thoughts for “Stage Race Sanriku 311” cannot be cut short. We want to continue to create this event not only for us, but also for everyone else who is looking forward to it with high expectations.

We ask for your understanding and support.
Non-profit organization, Discover-Rias

NPO Discover Rias

   Course / コース

* The following is our ideal “complete form” of the event.

Start: Jodogahama in Miyako (Iwate-pref.)
Finish: Minamisanriku (Miyagi-pref.)
Camp sites: Yamada, Unosumai in Kamaishi, Rikuzentakata, Oshima and Magome in Kesennuma.

Total distance: 311km (*) Approximately 30 km to 60km per day (*) There is the section where all runners take the Sanriku Railway to transfer on Day3. The total distance is excluding this railway section.

   Information / インフォメーション

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   Organizer / 主催者

The organizer of “STAGE RACE SANRIKU 311” is NPO DISCOVER RIAS. It is a newly established NPO by staff who are experienced trail-runners, trail event staff and managers.

“STAGE RACE SANRIKU 311” was named with our wish to discover attractive “Rias = Sanriku” through this event.